Image: Nintendo

Yes, we're back talking about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's performance, again. Look, if the game had shipped in a better state, then we wouldn't have to, but for now, let's just crack on.

It turns out that, yes, you can actually improve the games' performance yourself. Granted, the actual end result will likely not be noticable to the naked eye for most users, and many of you may already be implementing this particular solution, but it's worth a cursory mention regardless.

As detailed in the below video from our lovely Video Producer Alex, it turns out that performance is slightly improved if you ensure the game is stored on the Switch's internal memory, rather than on an external SD card. As mentioned before, some of you might have already done this, whether intentionally or not, and it turns out that Alex had his own copy of Pokémon Violet stored on the Switch's internal memory this whole time, so all the footage from our video review was from the "improved" version of the game anyway, so... yeah.

Nevertheless, storing the games within the Switch's internal memory will yield minor improvements on refresh rate, as demonstrated in the video. We should repeat, however, that these are very minor. Any significant improvements will have to wait until an official patch from Game Freak. That should arrive any day now, right..?


Let us know in the comments if you try out this particular solution and happen to notice any difference!