Nintendo has brought us another lovely 'It's Kirby Time' video today, featuring the pink puffball getting up to mischief and making friends — and that last one is important for today's story, 'Together with Kirby'.

The fourth video in this series — which is translated from the Japan-only children's picture book series of the same name — sees a sapling suddenly sprout from Kirby's head. Rather than getting worried about it, however, our round friend decides to live with it and make friends with it. They nap together, have breakfast together — everything best friends do together, basically.

You can watch the latest video above and save it for your emergency daily dose of cuteness, if you feel like it. We've still got three more books to translate in this series, but you can check out the other three right here:

Are you enjoying these cute Kirby videos for kids? Have you shown them to your family? Let us know!