To kick off today's Indie World presentation, developer Visai Games has announced Venba, a cooking game that puts the focus on Regional Southern Indian Cuisine.

Launching in Spring 2023, the game will see you cooking up a whole bunch of delicious meals while exploring an emotional story about love, family, and loss.

Here's some more info from Visai Games:

Cook Mouth Watering Dishes
Venba's recipe book gets damaged when she moves to Canada. Restore the lost recipes to cook delicious, mouth-watering dishes that serve as a connection to the home left behind.

Explore, Converse, Experience
Get to know the family well, hold branching conversations, and explore as you face the challenges that arise from day to day life.


Cook Authentic And Delicious Recipes Handpicked From Regional Southern Indian Cuisine
Hold Branching Conversations and experience the journey of an immigrant family
Beautiful 2D Visuals And Animations
Unique Soundtrack Inspired By Tamil Movies And Music

Will you be picking this one up when it launches? Let us know in the comments!