Switch OLED
Image: Gemma Smith / Nintendo Life

We don't need to tell you that the Nintendo Switch has proven to be a remarkable success since its launch over five years ago. The numbers speak for themselves; as per the last official announcement from Nintendo, global sales for the console have surpassed 111 million (although we should have some fresh figures for you very soon - stay tuned!), making it Nintendo's most successful home console and third most successful Nintendo platform overall behind the Game Boy and Nintendo DS.

Something that's honestly come as a bit of a surprise to us, however, is that the Switch has only now surpassed Xbox One sales in the UK. We admittedly assumed that such a feat would have been accomplished yonks ago (sorry, Xbox!), but according to head of GamesIndustry.biz, Christopher Dring, the Switch has only just managed to overtake Microsoft's shiny, bulky box:

Now, while we don't have official figures as to the Switch's sales in the UK, we can be pretty confident in saying that the region is not generally considered to be particularly hot on Nintendo products, at least when compared to the likes of North America and Japan. Dring posits his own potential reasoning behind the Switch's slow uptake in the region in a Twitter response, stating:

"Lots of theories around this. The years and years of getting games very late. The fact so many Xbox and PS games are made on the UK. It’s a small country so portable gaming isn’t as big. It’s a competitive market with all 3 main platforms close in sales."

Still, it's another milestone for the Switch and further cements the console as one of the most popular and successful of all time. Well done, Nintendo!

What do you make of this little milestone for the Switch? Do you think it will surpass the Game Boy and DS in terms of total sales? Let us know!

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