One game that we would highly recommend checking out on the Nintendo Switch is Mario Strikers: Battle League. Next Level Games released the game on the hybrid system back in June, and since then it's been receiving regular patches and content updates.

Now, Nintendo has released a brand new demo for the game via the Switch eShop - allowing newcomers to check out a "limited selection" of characters and stadiums in the game.

"Some game modes in the demo can be played a limited number of times. For Quick Battle, you can play up to 7 matches, and for Cup Battles, the Cannon Cup is playable once."

Nintendo previously ran a "first kick" demo event - allowing Switch Online members to play the game's tutorial and also enjoy some multiplayer sessions over a number of days.

Mario Strikers: Battle League most recently added Pauline and Diddy Kong to the lineup back in September. Other characters added since launch include Daisy and Shy Guy. You can learn more about Mario Strikers in our full Nintendo Life review:

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