Image: SEGA

Japanese video game giant Sega has provided an update on its "super game" in its integrated report for 2022, reaffirming the company's commitment to the project and claiming it'll be out by fiscal year ending March 2026.

In a section of the report about the company's "long-term targets", it's mentioned how Sega is "striving to create a super game", which would be a "major title" with a global release. It's "currently developing" the title, and says the "ultimate goal" is to create something so revolutionary it will attract more users than any other project it's worked on.

According to CEO Haruki Satomi, Sega thinks the project could potentially reach lifetime sales of 100 billion yen (just over $670 million USD). Sega hopes to achieve this goal by drawing in a large community made up of players, streamers and viewers:

"That kind of community expands and further develops game content, adding value to the game that is unimagined by developers, and sparking a broader movement - which can draw in even more users and grow the game's presence dramatically."

In another section of the report where this "super game" is referenced, notable IP such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Persona, Phantasy Star, Total War and Yakuza are shown in a part about reinforcing global branding of existing IP.

At the moment, we don't know anything else about this "Super Game" or what it will be about. So tell us what you would like to see from Sega in the comments below. In related news, Sonic the Hedgehog's lifetime sales have also exceeded 1.5 billion units.

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