Mega Man 11
Image: Capcom

Whenever a significant anniversary for a video game franchise looms on the horizon, certain parts of the internet inevitably start speculating about the potential announcement of a brand new game.

It's not entirely unfounded, as some companies have used such milestones to break down their future plans, but we've been burned more times than we'd care to admit in the past with, shall we say, "lukewarm" anniversary celebrations from certain publishers (how did those Castlevania NFTs go for you, Konami?).

Nevertheless, it seems folks have taken note of some website domains relating to Capcom's Mega Man franchise. First registered in 2018 around the time Mega Man 11 launched, domains for Mega Man 12, 13, 14, and 15 exist and were updated earlier this year in March 2022. They were registered by a company called GMO Internet Group, which historically registers domain names on behalf of Capcom, including the likes of Devil May Cry 5.

Now, obviously, these domains are merely placeholders and may not amount to anything even remotely tangible; indeed, the notion that Capcom is planning out four new entries to the Mega Man franchise in one go isn't even worth entertaining. Maybe back in the NES days, but not now.

Nevertheless, as reported by Rockman Corner, the timing of the domain update and the upcoming 35th anniversary may indicate that Mega Man 12 might be on the way. Maybe... Don't hold your breath, though. We, of course, would love for it to be the case, but given the existence of domain names for Mega Man 13 through 15 (which were all updated this year, by the way), we're going to need a bit more evidence before we're convinced.

No NFTs though, Capcom. Please.

What do you think, dear readers? Do you think Mega Man 12 will be announced as part of the franchise's 35th anniversary? Would you prefer Mega Man X9? Share your thoughts with a comment below.