Pokémon beanbags: Slowpoke edition
Image: Cellutane / Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Game Freak

A new licensed Pokémon armchair has appeared on the market, and this time, it's Slowpoke's turn to be made into a sofa!

As part of a line of beanbag chairs sold through Japanese furniture store Cellutane, Slowpoke joins Gengar, Rowlett, Snorlax and Ditto to make a very cute, not-very-grown-up-but-who-cares suite of seats.

The Slowpoke beanbag chair costs ¥28,400 ($200 / £170) and is made out of polystyrene beads and a polyester fabric. He requires some assembly upon delivery — you'll have to put the beans in the bag yourself — and unfortunately, he's not available outside of Japan (or to Okinawa and Japan's remote islands, either).

Still, let's appreciate his plushy pink plumpitude, plus his potential pals:

If you're in Japan, you can click this link to buy the Slowpoke seat. We're only a little bit envious.

[source cellutane.co.jp, via siliconera.com]