Mario Christmas
Image: Nintendo

At this point, we were pretty sure that there was nothing which Universal Studios Japan could do to make us want to go to Super Nintendo World more. Alas, the park is now full decorated with a festive makeover and we have once again been proved wrong.

As shared by Chris in a recent TDR Explorer video, the Nintendo theme park has been decked out in all its festive finery. We've got wrapping paper on the lampposts, wreaths adorning Peach's Castle, the central Goomba and Piranha Plant stand has been transformed into a giant Christmas present. There is a lot going on.

And that is not to mention all the merchandise that, inevitably, comes with the holiday season. There's Mario and Luigi snowmen plushies, Christmas jumpers and headbands, and a festive food menu with meal items that look as random as they are seasonal - seriously, who serves pasta with mashed potatoes??

All this and more is shown in the recent TDR Explorer vlog which you watch in all of its festive glory below. Now, all we want for Christmas is a flight to Japan!

What do you make of this festive makeover? Spread the cheer in the comments below!