It's Pikachu weekend in Singapore, and The Pokémon Company is going all-out with a number of events — including a Pikachu dance party, a Pokémon GO Safari Zone with Maractus, Shiny Purrloin, and a purple T-shirt Pikachu available to catch, and a massive Pokémon drone show with Pikachu as the star. There will also be "Pokégenic" picture spots around the Gardens by the Bay, featuring Pokémon graffiti.

But the drone show seems to be what's capturing people's imaginations the most, after it took place at 7:30pm on the 19th November in Singapore's Marina Bay.

The show lasted twenty minutes, and mostly featured Pikachu and Pikachu-adjacent iconography, including "PIKA ♥ SG", plus other Pokémon like Corsola and Shaymin.

The drone show has appeared before in Okinawa, Japan, and its popularity both there and in Singapore hopefully means the drone show will continue to appear in more cities across the globe in future.

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