Sonic Origins
Image: Sega

Sonic the Hedgehog lore, hey? More confusing that a Zelda timeline? Probably not. But there's been a lot of games, comics, TV shows, and movies, and not all of them are tied together. So Sega has said "enough is enough" and the company is now hiring for a Sonic the Hedgehog loremaster. Yes, really.

Sega of America has posted a job listing for 'Associate Manager, Lore' for the Sonic Team over on LinkedIn (thanks Kotaku!). The job is located at the company's Burbank office in California, and you'll need to be able to commute to and work from the office two days a week, with the remaining workdays being remote. The lucky candidate will be reporting to, and this is a real job, the Director of Lore and Creative Strategy.

Here's a snippet from the job description as it appears on LinkedIn:

"With both project management and creative duties, you will be immersed in the organizing and shaping of Sonic lore, canon, characters, and universes, helping to bring consistency, connectivity, and creativity to all things Sonic across various forms of media including games, animation, comics, and more."

We know that video game lore is really important, especially for long-established series — but we admit that it's a little funny and fascinating to see this as a job listing. it actually sounds pretty cool to us — imagine being in charge, or playing a part, in keeping a huge video game series' story all nicely knitted together?

Now, if you're an outsider, you might be confused. Sonic the Hedgehog has lore? And no, we're not talking Dark Souls levels of lore, but a lot is going on in the world of the blue blur. From the 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive, to this year's Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie, most people would have a hard time keeping up. There's Sally the Acorn, Manic and Sonia — Sonic's siblings — and Sonic's stint in a band. Don't even get us started on that time Sonic and Mega Man crossed over in Worlds Collide and Worlds Unite alongside tons of other Sega and Capcom properties. We're not even scratching the surface, here.

Sonic Frontiers
More speedy lore lands tomorrow to muddy the waters... — Image: Sega

Interestingly, last week, Ian Flynn — Sonic comic writer and the person behind Sonic Frontiers' story — confirmed on his BumbleKast podcast (via ResetEra) and confirmed that there aren't "two universes", which is a retcon of the events of Sonic Frontiers. We promise it makes sense. Check out the podcast over on YouTube (timestamped at 3:00, where the discussion around the Sonic timeline starts).

So, Sonic's lore needs taming! And you might be the person for the job. Head on over to the LinkedIn listing to find out more about the job.

Do you think you've got what it takes to become the Sonic Loremaster? Get your sneakers on and head down to the comments to let us know.

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