Pokémon Body Horror Glitches
Image: Nintendo Life / Kate Gray

You've probably heard that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were released in... a bit of a state. Although that may be a massive disappointment for most people spending nearly $100 on the game, it's also been a source of great amusement on social media, where people have been discovering that the new co-op multiplayer feature is very buggy indeed.

We're not sure exactly what causes these issues, but it seems like the integration of other players in cutscenes and in traversal makes for some really quite scary body-horror. There are gigantic, stretched-out human bodies, horrible arm-twisting impossibilities, and faces going very wrong.

Take a look:

We even found one glitch ourselves. It turns out that you can position the selfie camera just-so against a wall to make the facial features of your character just pop out, creating these nightmarish faces:

Even outside of multiplayer, there's the potential for hilarity/deeply upsetting things to happen, because it seems like Pokémon can just, er, slide into the abyss:

And a lot of players are discovering that it's quite easy to go out of bounds themselves:

We can't decide if we'd rather have these glitches patched out ASAP, or figure out how to make them happen in our game so we can join in on the fun.

Have you experienced any glitches like this? Tell us in the comments!