Mario Shock
Image: Ubisoft

If you have found yourself logging onto Twitter in the past 24 hours, you may have come across a picture of Mario making a somewhat unsavoury gesture, seemingly posted by the official account for Nintendo of America. Yep, we were a little confused at first too. Has Mario seen all the outpouring of Bowser love following the movie trailer and is now determined to flip-off anyone in his path? Nope. That's not Mario, and that's not @NintendoAmerica.

Parody accounts have been a part of Twitter since the site's conception, but all of a sudden the discourse surrounding them has reached a whole new height thanks to the new 'Twitter Blue' policy and the chance to buy 'verification' status with the renowned blue tick next to your name. Of course, the parody accounts did exactly what they were always going to do and took this opportunity to post some very much off-brand content (who could have seen that coming??).

One such company to succumb to the parody has been Nintendo. The family-friendly brand has posted the occasional tweet with somewhat questionable wording in the past, but Mario giving us all the finger? That seemed a little too far. That's because these posts are coming from a parody account which can now wield the blue mark of verification and make us all think (at least initially) that Mario had made a move from triple-jump flips to single-finger ones.

The account responsible for imitating Nintendo has now been suspended, but that wasn't before a whole lot of people got to see the company's mascot giving us the ol' finger (as shared by @DaveMilbo above).

Other companies including Twitch and Rockstar Games have also seen posts from parody accounts getting a lot of eyes on them thanks to the purchasable blue check. Many of these accounts have been subsequently suspended but it continues to be increasingly difficult to tell the truth of the tick

A click on the user's verified tick will let you know whether the account is the real deal or just a subscriber to Twitter Blue. This being said, if you see Mario performing any more unsavoury content, then it's safe to assume that it's not the true plumber.

What do you make of this parody drama? Take to the comments to let us know (just don't pretend to be anyone else while you're there)!