Pokémon Team Star Easter Egg
Image: Nintendo Life

Spoilers: Don't read past this point if you haven't finished the Starfall Street questline!

As we've been tackling Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Starfall Street quest, in which you'll have to battle a bunch of bases run by Team Star on the request of the mysterious Cassiopeia, we can't help but wonder... why are these names so odd? The Team Star gangs are named things like "Segin" and "Schedar", and we were left feeling like it was either something in Spanish, some kind of anagram, or some reference we were just not smart enough to get.

Turns out it's the last one — and the names are a reference to the actual Cassiopeia constellation, which is made up of five stars in the shape of a W (it's supposed to be Queen Cassiopeia's chair). Team Star's gangs are named after these five stars: Schedar, Caph, Segin, Navi, and Ruchbah.

But wait! There's more! Have a look at where the bases are on the map, and you'll find out that... they're in the shape of Cassiopeia, too.

There are more fun Easter Eggs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and we've compiled a whole list of them right here if you're looking for more:

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