Dark Souls III
Image: Bandai Namco

While Switch owners unfortunately never saw a release for FromSoftware's critically acclaimed Dark Souls III, we've seen plenty from the franchise and wider 'Souls' genre with the launch of Dark Souls: Remastered and the pixel art homage Blasphemous.

Well, it now appears that Thomas Feichtmeir, an artist who worked on Blasphemous, actually once pitched an idea to publisher Bandai Namco for a 2D pixel art version of Dark Souls III. As spotted by our friends over at Time Extension, the revelation was revealed on Twitter with an accompanying mock-up screenshot added to demonstrate how the game might have looked.

Obviously, the art style is very much reminiscent of Blasphemous, and we're really quite disappointed that this project never saw the light of day. Considering Switch owners were always unlikely to get the OG Dark Souls III, this alternative 2D metroidvania would have been the perfect alternative. Indeed, even Feichtmeir himself is not quite sure as to why the project wasn't green lit.

Nevertheless, he states in a Twitter reply that the project was "a real job", and that "the art was created in a style which would have been doable in the average budget estimations of metroidvanias back then."

Would you have liked to see a 2D Metroidvania based on Dark Souls III? Reckon it would have come to Switch if it had been green lit? Let us know in the comments!

[source twitter.com, via timeextension.com]