Image: Nintendo Life

Sprigatito, one of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's starter Pokémon, has made its debut in the long-running animated show.

The appearance comes as part of a segment focusing on Team Rocket, who appear to be roaming about the new region of Paldea. They come across the Sprigatito in some woods before startling it with their usual loud shenanigans. Typical...

The grass Pokémon's appearance is likely a small tease to an entire new series set in Paldea, and we're fully expecting fellow starters Fuecoco and Quaxly to also show their faces in the coming episodes.

Just recently, a Famitsu survey deemed that Sprigatito was the most popular of the three new starters, with 40.68% of voters confirming their plans to start with the grass Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet.

What do you make of Sprigatitio's appearance in the anime? Are you looking forward to a potential new series set in Paldea? Let us know!

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