The latest Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer has just dropped, and it's definitely a celebratory one. Featuring Ed Sheeran's brand new song, Celestial, and showcasing multiple Pokémon, places, and people we've already meant, it feels like we're finally in the home stretch.

There weren't a ton of new details here, except The Pokémon Company and Game Freak managed to say something with not very much. At around the 2:30 mark, we get a shot of Arven and your Pokémon trainer looking at a rather elaborate sketch of what looks to be a Donphan, the evolution of Phanpy. Though it's looking a little different. The trailer then cuts to a close-up of what looks to be a hulking Pokémon, closely matching the sketch.

The trailer, again, cuts back to a sketchbook with a different kind of Donphan sketch. What's going on here? Then, we get to see a much more futuristic-looking one in the flesh — presumably just its face. That past and future theming seems ever so likely, now.

Does the trailer elaborate? Nope. But the official website does. The more ancient-looking creature is known as Great Tusk (exclusive to Scarlet), and the metallic one is known as Iron Treads (exclusive to Violet). Unusual names for Pokémon, we think. We wonder what Game Freak is up to...

Arven is holding a book in the trailer, and that book will depend on what version of the game you have. You'll get the Scarlet Book in Pokémon Scarlet, and the Violet Book in Pokémon Violet. These books contain sketches and photos of Great Tusk, Iron Treads, and various other unidentified creatures.

Well, that was a sneaky little tease there! It sounds like there's something new and exciting to uncover in the Paldea region, and we'll get to find out very soon — on 18th November, in fact!

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