Pokémon Scarlet and Violet X Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo Life

The latest most-wanted games list has been published in Famitsu, measuring the most hotly-anticipated titles according to the Japanese site's readership. The most recent edition (using votes cast between 27th October and 1st November) saw a new frontrunner as Pokémon Scarlet and Violet overtook the consistent podium-topper The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as the readers' most-wanted game.

On the one hand, this should come as no surprise. The votes were cast in the run up to Scarlet and Violet's release on 18th November and passion for Pokémon generally runs higher in Japan than any other location. This being said, the games have never topped Famitsu's list (which is generally a battle between Tears of the Kingdom and Final Fantasy XVI on the PlayStation 5).

Though the margin of victory is narrow in this week's results - Scarlet and Violet took home 784 compared to Final Fantasy and Zelda's 758 and 747 respectively - might Pokémon claiming the top spot suggest that the franchise is becoming more popular than Zelda? We imagine that the game's upcoming release is the more likely reason behind its surge in popularity, but you never know...

We have collected the top ten most-wanted games below, but be sure to head on over to Famitsu to see the results in full.

1. [NSW] Pokemon Scarlet / Violet – 784 votes
2. [PS5] Final Fantasy XVI – 758 votes
3. [NSW] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – 747 votes
4. [NSW] Dragon Quest Treasures – 572 votes
5. [PS5] Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – 302 votes
6. [NSW] Fire Emblem Engage – 265 votes
7. [PS5] Resident Evil 4 – 254 votes
8. [NSW] Pikmin 4 – 173 votes
9. [PS5] Pragmata – 172 votes
10. [PS4] Witch on the Holy Night – 170 votes

Is this Pokémon victory really a sign that the level of hype for the franchise has surpassed even that of the Breath of the Wild sequel, or is this simply down to the closer release date? Have your say by filling out the poll below and then take to the comments to give us your reasoning!

Are you more excited for Zelda or Pokémon?

[source famitsu.com, via nintendoeverything.com]