Mario Business
Image: Nintendo

Back in July it was announced that Nintendo would be fully acquiring Dynamo Pictures - the production company behind the adorable Pikmin Shorts - and would be immediately undergoing a rebrand, naming the company 'Nintendo Pictures'. Well, after launching its website last month, it appears that the studio is on the hunt for creatives.

In a tweet from the company's official Japanese Twitter account (@Nintendo), the big N confirmed that it was opening the doors for job applications and encouraged anyone who wanted to get involved to apply.

Using Twitter's built in Google Translate feature, the above message reads as follows:

Nintendo Pictures Co., Ltd., a Nintendo Group company, plans and produces videos using Nintendo IP. Currently, we are hiring careers for various occupations related to the planning and production of animation videos. If you are interested in creating videos that can be enjoyed by customers all over the world, please apply.

Much of the information held above should come as no surprise to us, though it is nice to hear the confirmation that the studio will be working across various sections of the Nintendo IP. The Pikmin Shorts were great, yes, but it is an exciting prospect to see how the studio will take on other franchises in the coming years. More Mario Movie content, anyone?

The applications page has since had a number of roles added to it, ranging from careers in production and supervision to more creative positions like editing and 3DCG work.

What do you hope to see Nintendo Pictures produce in the future? Let us know in the comments below!