Mario Kart Tour Animal Tour
Image: Nintendo

According to Mario Kart Tour, Autumn is officially over (at least, the Autumn Tour is) and that means that the mobile game is speeding onto the next one without any delay.

The Animal Tour will be setting off from the start line on 15th November if you're on Pacific Time and on the 16th from those in Europe, with this period's main circuit marking a return to the GameCube classic, DK Mountain.

We have really fond memories of playing this one on Mario Kart Wii (the superior iteration of the track) with that big ol' barrel cannon and subsequent downhill slalom being one of our favourites in Mario Kart history - it will be good to be back.

Of course, Mario Kart Tour rarely makes an announcement on its own and the game has also confirmed the next Mii Racing Suit will be modelled on one of the Moo Moo Meadows cows. As for the silhouette of the next Mii Suit - a 'Who's That Pokémon'-esque teaser that Mario Kart Tour has done for the past few reveals - the circular slab and goggles can only mean one thing: a Rocky Wrench Suit is coming soon (at least, that's our guess).

Will you be speeding into DK Jungle next week? Barrel cannon down to the comments below and let us know!