Sanei Boeki Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Plushies
Image: Nintendo Life

As if picking your starter Pokémon wasn't already a difficult enough decision, Sanei Boeki has announced a line of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet plushies modelled on the game's leading trio, making that all-important choice a whole lot harder.

The Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly plushies join the company's 'All Star Collection' and yes, they look very, very cuddly. The plushies will be available in two different sizes, with the larger model coming in at around 35cm in height, while the smaller is just a little guy at around 12cm and features a chain so it can hang on your keys or bag.

While each of the options are to be sold only in Japan, Amazon Japan currently has pre-orders open with the option of international delivery! The starting price for the larger edition is ¥6,600 (around £39 / 45€) while the smaller guys will be ¥1,650 (roughly £10 / 11€) excluding shipping.

Think you know which starter you are going to choose? Think again! Each one of these plushies is mega cute and we don't want to see any of them left behind. Come on, one look at the gallery below is sure to make even the most determined of you question which starter is truly your favourite.

The plushies are currently listed to be going out for delivery in December, with actual arrival times likely to be in early 2023 for international orders.

Which plushie would you choose? Let us know your starter in the comments below!

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