Game Boy Player Lead
Image: Nintendo / Good Vibes Gaming

The GameCube was home to some pretty incredible games, but it also gained one of Nintendo's most interesting and, dare we say, sensible peripherals: the Game Boy Player.

Designed to be whacked onto the bottom of the GameCube itself, the Game Boy Player does exactly what it says on the tin: it lets you play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games right on your television set. It was quite remarkable at the time, and serves as one of the primary reasons many Nintendo gamers still dig out their GameCubes to this very day.

It had one very specific flaw, however; one that many folks would claim almost ruins the experience of playing their favourite Game Boy games on the TV. Nintendo added a filtering effect to the Game Boy Player to reduce strobe effects from occuring, but most would agree that this makes the games look blurry and muddied, darkening the image considerably and muting the colours.

Well, as demonstrated by the lovely Jon Cartwright over at Good Vibes Gaming, it turns out that there's a surprisingly simple way to get Game Boy games running on the Game Boy Player exactly as intended, with sharp image quality, bright colours, and an impressive lack of input latency. The workaround comes via the free alternative to the Game Boy Player's start-up disc software called Game Boy Interface. There are a few options to get the thing running, but it's all pretty straightforward stuff.

We won't go over the exact steps in how to achieve this here, but hopefully the video below from Good Vibes Gaming will give you all the information you require.

Will you be trying this out on your Game Boy Player? Do you even own one anymore? Let us know!