Mario Movie
Image: Nintendo, Illumination

We've already heard from Jack Black how Bowser will have a "musical side" in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it seems his character won't be the only one singing tune.

Speaking to Variety recently, Keegan-Michael Key mentioned how he got to "improvise a song" as Toad in the Mario Movie. Here's exactly what he had to say:

“I got to improvise a song in ‘Super Mario Bros.,’ which was an absolute blast. That was just a stick of fun, that whole thing.”

“I was working on the voice with my partner and trying to find the voice through the internal journey of the character. And then with the directors [Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic], we sprinkled some things in, we moved it around.”

Speaking a bit more about Toad's voice, Key mentioned how he's "really happy" with the end result:

“There was something about the timbre. I wanted it higher and higher and higher. And that’s where we ended up, and I’m really happy with where we ended up.”

For Bowser, Jack Black has channelled his own "heavy metal roots" - further mentioning in a previous interview how he did "a little bit of rocking":

"Well, you know, I did bring some of my heavy metal roots because — in a way — Bowser is kind of like a heavy metal rockstar. You know, a big, strong, and scary rock star. And I did a little bit of rocking. I think you'll be surprised to see that Bowser has a musical side. I'm thinking after the movie comes out I'm taking it to Broadway, there might be a one-man show."

Mario's new movie launches in cinemas next year on April 7th. What are your thoughts about musical segments featuring in this upcoming movie? Comment below.