Splatoon - Smash Bros
Image: Nintendo

A Japanese VTuber streaming group has issued an apology after its members projected adult content into online Splatoon 3 matches.

The stream in question was held on October 8th by the streaming group 'Sinsogumi', subsequently causing “AVスプラ” (adult video Splatoon)' to trend on Twitter in Japan. The content itself was inserted into online matches by utlilising chroma key to effectively make the opposing team's ink colour a canvas for displaying naughty content in the background.

According to a post from Automaton, all participants in the stream knew that adult content was being displayed in the background and were allegedly in competition with each other to see whose stream would be banned by YouTube first. Not only does the content go against the platform's community guidelines regarding nudity and sexual content, but it also goes against Nintendo's policies on streaming game content online.

As such, Nintendo's corporate Twitter account has issued a fresh reminder of its streaming policies. It seemingly hasn't altered its rules nor made any direct mention to the incident with Splatoon 3, but the timing of it certainly allows us to connect the dots, indicating the company is concerned about the misuse of its property.

One participant in the stream, Ikinone, issued an apology the following day (though their appearance raises questions regarding their sincerity), stating “I made light of breaking the terms of service and simply jumped at the novel and interesting idea.” Sinsogumi also made a statement on Twitter regarding the incident, stating it would punish Ikinone, though what exactly this would entail is currently unknown.

What do you make of this whole incident? Reckon Nintendo needs to implement further measures into Splatoon 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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