Princess Peach
Image: via Twitter (@MarioBrothBlog)

While we're expecting Princess Peach to look the same as she always has in the upcoming movie, throughout the years her design hasn't always been consistent. As highlighted by the Supper Mario Broth blog on social media recently, there was a moment in history when the princess had basically no resemblance to her modern counterpart.

These shots are taken from what is apparently an "officially licensed" Japanese picture book dating back to January 1986. While it's not a bad design at all, if Mario and co weren't in the shot, you might not even be able to tell it's a princess from the Super Mario series.

If this has got you wondering what Peach will look like in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, there was supposedly a leak recently by an Australian McDonald's employee. The good news is Peach "closely resembles her appearance in the video games" based on these reports.

What do you think of Peach's look in the above picture book? Would you like to see her get a makeover in the future, or are you happy with her current design? Leave your thoughts below.

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