Does Mario sound like Linda from Bob's Burgers?

The internet's response to the trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie was pretty darn good... except for the much-awaited debut of Chris Pratt as Mario. The response to his choice of voice (which is, well, Chris Pratt with a bit of a Brooklyn accent) was lukewarm, at best, not helped by Pratt's own lukewarm intro to the trailer in which he said he loved stomping Koopas in the arcade game — which, by the way, is impossible; they didn't have Koopas in the arcade game, actually.

But it turns out that a lot of people out there think that Mario sort of sounds like... Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

You can't unhear it, be warned:

We already know what you're going to say. "It was just one line!" "Pratt sounds FINE, you're all just having a slow news day." "You're just jumping on the Pratt-hating bandwagon for clicks." "I'M VERY TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THE STUPID MARIO MOVIE." Listen, we get it. One line sounding a bit like another cartoon character? Not the worst thing in the world. And Pratt probably sounds different in the rest of the movie. Probably.

But if we have to watch one and a half hours of Linda Belcher inside a short, pudgy plumber's body? We're going to have a very weird time at the cinema.

What do you think? Does this ruin Mario for you? Is Pratt's voice fine, actually? Are you more likely to watch the movie now? Tell us in the comments.