Nintendo and Illumination gave Mario fans a first look at The Super Mario Bros. Movie this week. As short as it was, there was plenty of highlights and one standout moment was the brief exchange the Penguin King (voiced by Khary Payton) had with Bowser (Jack Black).

A 3D animator, video editor and media personality who goes by the name Coda on Twitter has now recreated this amazing scene in Super Mario 64. It's short, but it gets the job done - with the post going viral on the social media platform as well as YouTube:

Although the penguin castle is seemingly burnt to the ground by Bowser, at least we didn't have to see the Koopa army throw anyone over the edge...

What did you think of the Penguin King scene when you first saw it? Did you expect this movie to feature an extended cast from the Super Mario universe? What do you think of the above clip recreating the scene in the N64 game? Comment down below.