Splatoon and Mario Kart are two of Nintendo's most-popular multiplayer series, with the recently released Splatoon 3 currently dominating social media and online play. But what happens when you combine the paint swimming of Splatoon 3 with the racing of Mario Kart? Well, members of "J-Pop meets jazz" band J-MUSIC Ensemble has some swimming results to share with us.

Using Power Clams in Splatoon 3's Recon Mode, you can recreate Mario's karting games with just a bit of careful ink and planning In what the band is calling a "concept" for 'Squid Kart' (what else would it be called?), there are two lines of different-coloured ink next to each other across the 'Wahoo World' stage. And we've gotta say, those lines look pretty darn clean!

One member of the band came up with the idea for Squid Kart while waiting for a match in the game's lobby. All you've got to do is map a route around the stage and paint out the lines for each of the participants. You've got to take into consideration the stage hazards and the stage's general layout, but you can get creative with how your inklings and octolings race around each map!

Splatoon 3 players have responded extremely positively to this idea, with calls for Nintendo to even add a mode like this in Splatoon 3. It certainly would change up the ink-splatting formula. But instead of throwing shells you're inside a shell... sort of? What replaces blue shells here? Or are we safe from spiky doom in Squid Kart?

In response to the video, another Splatoon fan @Saison4_ shared their own video of them attempting to create Squid Kart (called Splatkart here) way back in Splatoon 2!

It's not like the inklings and octolings are strangers to the racetrack anyway. Splatoon characters, and even a course, made an appearance in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. So we think there's more than enough justification for the squid kids to get their tyres a bit messy.

You can check out @jmusicband for more music content, including their Bandcamp page. You can also subscribe to the band's YouTube channel for all sorts of things including video game music covers — there's a lot of Splatoon stuff on there at the time of writing this!

Will you be giving Squid Kart a go in Splatoon 3? Want to see it made into an official mode? Let us know!

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