Firagiraf Lead
Image: Nintendo Life

A part of the new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet And Violet, it's been revealed that Girafarig will now evolve into Farigiraf (Listen, Pokémon Company, those names are really hard to type out - don't do this to us!).

Farigiraf is a Normal / Psychic Pokémon whose head and tail effectively fuse together to become one - very bizarre! Nevertheless, its head is now fully equipped for both offensive and defensive capabilities, which will come in handy for its 'Cud Chew' and 'Armor Tail' abilities.

It's certainly a more interesting design than Wiglett, that's for sure (in this writer's opinion)!

What do you think of Farigiraf? Like its design? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments below!

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