We desperately want to see Captain Falcon and the F-Zero franchise return to our screens — the game's appearance in Smash Bros. just isn't enough! Luckily, there are some fantastic indie games out there that look to recapture the spirit of the anti-gravity racing series. And Aero GPX might just be the best example we've ever seen.

This PC-bound racer's Kickstarter launched today and has been developed by one person — Aaron McDevitt. The game is primarily inspired by F-Zero X and F-Zero GX, but McDevitt also took a shine to Wave Race 64 and Kirby Air Ride, wrapping Wave Race's summer vibes and Kirby's pick-up-and-play nature in some hardcore, fast-paced racing.

Last November, we interviewed McDevitt about Aero GPX, and back then he said, "I would also love for Aero GPX to exist on consoles one day starting with the Switch!". And while today's Kickstarter does confirm the game is only slated for a PC launch initially, McDevitt has reiterated the importance of the Switch:

"Aero GPX belongs on the Switch just as much as it belongs on the PC. It also belongs on other consoles to give all players the opportunity to experience the distinct and relentless anti-gravity racing experience that Aero GPX provides.

Depending on the possible success of the Kickstarter campaign past the initial funding goal, more might be able to be promised. However, a PC release is all that can be committed to for now."

And, well, as F-Zero fans here, why wouldn't we want to see this on Switch? McDevitt says that Aero GPX — which stands for Aerodynamic Grand-Prix Experience — takes place in a far-off future, with over 30 pilots with big and varied personalities, and seven distinct planets and locations spread across the galaxy.

From the Kickstarter page alone, the racing looks exhilarating. But the page claims that the game is aiming to be "one of the most responsive racing experiences you've ever played". Our eyebrows are certainly raised at the prospect of that. There will be a Career mode, alongside Grand Prix mode, local multiplayer, single races, Time Trials, a Practice mode, over 30 courses, and tons to unlock.

Working on the game's rocking soundtrack is guitarist Myrone, whose SoundCloud page sheds a light on the musician's head-banging summer anthems. Contributing to the game's art — including character portraits and promo artwork — is Norrie, an illustrator and comic creator who has been heavily inspired by sci-fi and '90s anime.

The Kickstarter is aiming to make just over $72,000 USD. At the time of writing this, it's almost at $20k already. There are a few Stretch Goals for the game too, though many of the rewards are sneakily hidden and could well be revealed "after a week". Perhaps that Switch port is hiding under there...

You can check all of Aero GPX's details over on the Kickstarter page, or keep an eye on the game's progress on Twitter by following Aaron McDevitt.

Are you hoping to see Aero GPX on Switch in the future? Blast on over to the comments to let us know!

Update: There's also a demo available to download on Steam right now. Go and check it out!

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