Indie developer Angry Mod Games has announced its upcoming action-RPG platformer Trinity Fusion, currently slated for released on "PC and consoles" in 2023. We've not had full confirmation that this includes Switch at the time of writing, but it's looking highly likely, at least.

Featuring high-tech, futuristic environments and robotic creatues, the overall vibe of the debut trailer definitely reminds us heavily of Metroid Dread; heck, the first enemies that show up look a lot like the E.M.M.I, right?

Here's some official info from Angry Mob Games:

"Set across three shattered versions of the game's world, Trinity Fusion casts players in the role of the Hitchhiker, psychically linked to her parallel selves to coordinate the attempt to stitch their different realities together. Each reality comes not only with its own unique challenges, but a version of your character with their own weapons and abilities. Deploy equipment that afflicts enemies with status effects, deal heavy bursts of damage at a distance with ranged weapons or brawl up close with blades and hammers!"

A closed beta for the game - presumably on PC - will launch soon to allow the community to provide key feedback to the developers ahead of its 2023 launch.

Does this one look interesting to you? Will you be picking it up if it comes to Switch? Head on down to the comments below and tell us!