Splatoon 3 Slosher
Image: Nintendo

The astronomical rise of Splatoon 3 was always going to result in players finding exploits in the game, but we didn't think that one such problem would let you splat players through walls.

Glance over Twitter, however, and it not only seems that this issue exists, but that players are using it to their own advantage. Because of course they are. The problem stems from the Sloshing Machine — a mainstay in the Splatoon franchise which is used to quickly spread ink via projectile and following splash damage - specifically, the large hitbox that the weapon possesses.

As seen in the tweets below, the weapon's hitbox means that players can sustain damage from the Sloshing Machine's splash even when said splash is applied to the other side of the platform on which they are standing. @Blossom_Spl's video shows this from the perspective of the splatter, while @just_phoeniiix's takes the view of the splattee. (That's what we're calling 'person getting splatted' now. Officially.)

It appears that this glitch can be used in stages where there is a bridge. Take @yowaihito_noob's clip, for example, in which the hitbox is relied on to cause an under-bridge splat in Wahoo World:


While the Sloshing Machine currently seems to be the main culprit of hitbox exploitation. It looks like some players have experienced a similar glitch being applied to other weapons such as Rollers, as seen in @bonziringo's gameplay:

Nintendo has not formally addressed the issue as of yet, but it is surely only a matter of time before a patch comes along and we can go back to crossing bridges without fear of an attack from below.

This exploit follows another that we reported on last week, where players are using certain Special Weapons to their advantage:

In related news, Nintendo has announced that it is introducing a new patch to reimburse those who missed out on their deserved Super Sea Snails thanks to a post-Splatfest glitch. Perhaps the Sloshing Machine's overpowered hitbox will be piled in there too.

Have you been unfairly splatted by this hitbox issue? Or perhaps you have mastered the art of performing the under-bridge attack? Let us know in the comments below!

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