S3 Salmon Run
Image: Nintendo

This weekend was marked by the release of Splatoon 3, and we must say, we just think it's neat! Selling a record-breaking number of copies over its opening weekend, the game has been enjoyed by millions in its early days, with many agreeing that Nintendo's newest splat sequel has a lot going for it.

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However, just as positive as the opening reviews are, there have also been reports of the game crashing and players being hit with unwarranted connectivity issues. A brief glance over the r/Splatoon_3 Reddit forum sees players' issues being spoken about just as much as their joy of the game. From threads concerning errors when joining Anarchy Battles to one issue which seems to be wiping all Salmon Run progress at the end of the game, it is clear that for all of Splatoon 3's success, the game is still left to deal with a few notable problems.

Rightfully, it appears that Nintendo is on the case with these issues. The official @SplatoonJP Twitter account has taken to the social media service to announce that the company is working on an update to crack the case of the poor connection.

Using Google's translate services on the above thread, it appears Nintendo has been made aware of issues concerning a black screen error when the game first starts up, as well as problems with the Salmon Run communication. In a final promising tweet, the company said the following:

"We plan to distribute update data including countermeasures for problems such as salmon run that are prone to communication errors depending on the communication environment."

As a momentary fix for the black screen start-up problem, the thread offered the following advice as a short-term solution:

1. Make sure the Nintendo Switch is not connected to the internet (e.g. set it to airplane mode).
2. Start "Splatoon 3" in this state, decide the appearance of the player, and proceed to Bankara
3. Connect your device to the internet in Bankara Street
4. Enter the lobby to transfer save data and select festival regions

While it is a shame that we are as of yet without a permanent fix to these problems, it is promising to know that help is on the way with an update that should go some way to improving the overall experience of the game.

Where have you found Splatoon 3 connectivity issues?

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