Smallfry NLCustomsplit Splatoon3
Image: Nintendo

The wait has been long, but finally, budding Inklings and Octolings can return to the arena on Friday as Splatoon 3 launches on Switch. And do you know what else comes with new game releases? Envy over all of the cool merchandise that we miss out on!

And Nintendo Tokyo has set our hearts on fire by revealing a rather adorable pullback toy based on Smallfry. For those not in the know, Smallfry is a type of Salmonid that first appeared in Splatoon 2's Salmon Run, and is set to make an appearance in Splatoon 3 — you can even change his hairstyle in the upcoming game, at least going by the Splatfest World Premier demo!

Come on, no matter how stony-hearted you are, you can't deny how cute this little guy is. Look at him go:

Your specific Smallfry in Splatoon 3 will be accompanying you, Agent 3, in Splatoon 3's Return of the Mammalians campaign. You'll be able to throw him at enemies for damage or to just distract them — he can even eat the Fuzzy Ooze!

Sadly, it looks like this toy will only be sold in the Nintendo Store in Tokyo, so we'll have to get clever and find out how to import him if we're desperate to add him to our collection. We don't even know how much he'll cost, but we're already making shelf space!

What do you think of this pullback Smallfry toy? Will you be desperately trying to import him? Get your comments down in ink below!