Zelda Tot K
Image: Nintendo

As the dust settles on another Nintendo Direct, we think it's fair to say that our little gaming minds have been sufficiently blown. We've got news of GoldenEye! Pikmin 4! Fire Emblem Engage! Tunic! But - and let's be real for a minute here - the thing that really left us Sheikah not stirred was the brand new trailer, release date and (wait for it) title of the Switch's follow-up to Breath of the Wild.

No longer to be referred to as Breath of the Wild 2, we now know, officially, that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is going to be our game of 2023 (a little early to predict that one? Nah.)

Of course, we at Nintendo Life were overjoyed by the update (although a little crushed by the eight-month wait that we now have to endure) and a brief glance across Twitter in the ensuing hours confirmed that everyone else is too (and why wouldn't you be?) If one thing is clear from our reaction, however, it is that the new title may have created more questions than answers.

Most notable among these concerns is the mystery of that first word. Is it Tears (as in, crying) or Tears (as in rip)? There is a very substantial difference between these two options and both may be large clues as to what we can expect the game to be about. Heck, maybe it is both?

We want to open up the debate to you! We have assembled two polls below, one to find out your general opinions on the new title and the other to settle what is sure to be the debate of the year - is it tears or tears? Fill out the polls to find out if your thoughts are shared with the Majora-ty of our readers.

Zelda Tot K
Tears, Tears, or Tears Tears? — Image: Nintendo
What do you make of the new title?
Tears or Tears?

Given your answers? Take to the comments below to drop your wildest theories on what the upcoming game will be about, and check out early pre-order options here.

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