Dragalia Lost Fourth Anniversary
Image: @DragaliaLostApp / Nintendo

Nintendo and Cygames' mobile RPG Dragalia Lost officially closes its doors on 30th November, and with the main story now over and services gradually being reduced, the Big N has shared a message thanking players for their support of the popular mobile game.

On the game's fourth anniversary — today — Nintendo also posted the game's full end credits for players to enjoy and reminisce long into the future after Dragalia Lost closes down. The official Dragalia Lost Twitter also had some rather lovely new art to show off.

Here's the message Nintendo shared over on YouTube:

"Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost. We have uploaded the ending credits that play after completing the main campaign so that players can watch them at their leisure. Please enjoy the video and music!"

"Words To Give" by Lucrezia
Lyrics by Keisuke Okada
Composed by Keisuke Okada
Arranged by Taku Inoue and Hironao Nagayama

"Owaranai Sekaide" by DAOKO
Lyrics by DAOKO
Composed by Takeshi Kobayashi
Arranged by Takeshi Kobayashi

Hearing these two songs (which you can listen to below) definitely gets us a bit misty-eyed! But if you're still playing the game now, there's not too much to get upset about — if you log in today, you can earn a number of extra items such as Wyrmite, Rainbow Orbs, and Omnicite.

You also have until 31st October to buy Upgrade Essentials & Packs, after which they'll be unavailable.

Let us know what you think of the end credits, as well as your feelings on the end of the game's service, below!

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