If you had a GameCube and you loved RPGs, then you've likely played Tales of Symphonia. The first Tales of game to be released in Europe, it's arguably among the best games on the system. Now, fans who may have got into the esteemed Tales of series late will be able to try out this classic when it gets a remaster on Switch next year!

During the Nintendo Direct, Bandai Namco's action RPG got its own dedicate section, showing off the game's combat, characters, and unique cell-shaded visuals that would go on to inspire the 3D entries going forward.

Bandai Namco has since confirmed that a special edition is available to pre-order, which will come with a steel book with Corrin's (a little creature accompanying one of the characters) face on it, stickers, and some art prints. It's also aptly called the 'Chosen Edition' — we see what you did there.

From the trailer, it looks like this remaster will be based on the PlayStation 3 version — which, in turn, included all of the additions introduced in the Japan-exclusive PS2 release. We'll let you know as soon as Tales of Symphonia Remastered gets a more concrete release date.

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