Videoverse's key art, showing a DS-like console
Image: Kinmoku

We're all sad about the death of Miiverse, and even Splatoon 3's attempt to sort-of bring it back won't soothe the pain of not being able to sample the delights of one-bit art from across the world. But One Night Stand developer Kinmoku announced today that their next game, Videoverse, is directly inspired by Miiverse and now we just hope that, unlike actual Miiverse, it will come to the Switch.

Videoverse is set in the days of the early internet, and anyone who remembers old-timey technology like Teletext, MSN Messenger, and the chaotic '90s internet that was pastiched in Hypnospace Outlaw will find themselves catapulted into Nostalgia Town by the game's design:

The game is a decision-based narrative adventure that unfolds over about six hours of playtime. You'll play as video game-obsessed teen, Emmett, as he browses the online community, makes friends, shares artwork and even reports trolls. And yes, just like the real internet, you can choose your own avatar and set your own personal quote. EvEn If YoU wAnT yOuR qUoTe To LoOk LiKe ThIs.

Videoverse has no set release date, or confirmation of which platforms it'll come to, but it's got to be on the only Nintendo console around, right?! We'll just have to perform a summoning ritual with a bunch of Tamagotchis, Furbies, and pink iMac G3s in a pentagram...

Drawings from Miiverse-style game, Videoverse
Image: Kinmoku

Do you remember the '90s internet? What was your favourite messaging board/forum/social network? Let's reminisce in the comments!