Kadabra Pokemon
Image: Nintendo Life / The Pokémon Company

If you're a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, then you're well aware of all the drama surrounding the Psychic-type, Kadabra. But we might not have much longer to wait for Kadabra to make its way back to our decks, as magician Uri Geller says he "has a feeling" that the 'mon is getting a new card "soon".

TCG site PokéBeach has managed to chat with the magician, who famously attempted to sue The Pokémon Company, claiming that the spoon-bending 'mon was a parody of himself (he has since apologised for the lawsuit in 2020). And while the illusionist says he can't reveal anything officially, he thinks it could be "as early as December" for the Psi Pokémon to make its return.

PokéBeach was prompted to reach out after the reveal of the Incandescent Arcana version of Radiant Alakazam, which is due out in September in Japan. This caused many to speculate when we'd be getting the pre-evolution of the third stage in card form again. Geller, in a message to PokéBeach, reiterated his apology:

"The most important thing is in these 20 years I became a grandfather. I saw my granddaughters and I thought ‘Come on, you gotta release the Pokemon card back into circulation again.’"

Geller also shared a letter he received from The Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara, along with his own letter to the president. The letters, alongside the history of the lawsuit and Kadabra and a display of Kadabra cards, are all on display at the Uri Geller Museum in Tel Aviv. You can take a look at these over on PokéBeach's website.

Geller originally sued The Pokémon Company as he felt that Kadabra was an unauthorised parody of himself after spotting the card on a trip to Japan in 1999. The 'mon's name in Japanese can be read as Yungerer/Yungeller/Yun Geller, and the Psychic typing along with its iconic spoon-bending caused Uri Geller to attempt to sue for $100 million.

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[source pokebeach.com, via gonintendo.com]