Pokemon Plane
Image: Nintendo Life

Back in July, Scoot Airlines unveiled its Pokémon-themed B787-9 Dreamliner — more simply referred to as the Pikachu Jet TR. Now, the airline has set a date for this Poké plane's maiden voyage (thanks, Nintendo Soup), as the jet will be travelling from Singapore to Tokyo on September 9th, 2022.

As a low-cost airline, it appears that the Pikachu Jet will only be performing short-haul flights in Asia for the moment (no transatlantic crossings onboard just yet, we're afraid). The plane will be entering standard Scoot circulation after a few initial flights, so who knows, you may even end up on board the Pikachu Jet if you're travelling that part of the world. Be sure to check out the plane's opening schedule if you are hoping to catch a ride.

While it seems unlikely that the plane will ever make a European appearance, we will have to settle with looking at the below pictures of the sky-high Pokémon design.

The plane looks to be adorned with pictures of Generation I and II Pokémon — such as Lapras, Meganium, Psyduck, and Pikachu (of course) — on either side of its main body, though a little Shaymin from Generation IV has snuck its way in there. The airline has stated that there are more hidden images on both sides of the wings, too. This will surely create an impromptu game of Pokémon Snap during boarding as you attempt to spy as many of the hidden details as you can in the short walk from the terminal to your plane.

Opening the cabin doors to the first customers yesterday, we got our first peak at the plane's interior which, as expected, is packed full of Pokémon references. Just look at those Pikachu balloon cups!

For a more thorough look at the plane, be sure to check out Today Online's tour of the plane for an idea of what to expect on board.

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[source nintendosoup.com]