Gengar Food
Image: The Pokémon Cafe

For those of us still soaking up the last of the summer vibes, seeing businesses moving to consider their Fall items is enough to send a shiver down the spine. The rapid passing of time is made a little easier, however, by the promise of spooky season and Japan's Pokémon Cafe chain has got us ready to welcome the cooler months with open arms.

Getting ready for the Halloween period, The Pokémon Cafe has today revealed a new range of spooky Gengar-themed items that will be making a jump-scare appearance in their stores from September 3rd.

The latest menu additions range across mains, desserts and drinks which look to combine into a gourmet ghost-type food-fest. Why not fill up on the Gengar cheese fondu and smoothie before washing it all down with a Pokémon-topped mocha? Yes, we'll take the Gengar menu please, go easy on the Sludge Bomb.

Of course, as with many Pokémon Cafe purchases, there is also the opportunity to take the dining experience home with you. Any customer purchasing the Gengar soup will get a Pokémon luncheon mat, and those who are moving towards the spooky beverages will get one of three exclusive coasters.

And for those who really want to round out their Pokémon table spread, the exclusive Gengar soup dish and cutlery will also be available to purchase separately at any of the cafes for 3,850 and 880 yen respectively (about £24 and £5 each).

While we know that these decorations would seriously step up our Halloween party game, all the food and collectible items are currently available only in Japan's Pokémon Cafes. There is no date for how long you can expect to see Gengar dominate the menu, but based on his spooky tendencies, it's a safe bet that he will be there throughout the Halloween season.

What do you make of these new spooky menu items? Let us know in the comments below!

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