Super Mario Land
Image: Nintendo

The Super Mario Land series for the original Game Boy might not necessarily be quite as well known as the major entries on consoles, but it was also an introduction to the world of Mario for many Nintendo fans at the time.

Unfortunately, we only got three entries in this series, and from the third game onwards, Wario sort of hijacked the entire series. If you've ever wondered though what the Super Mario Land series might have looked like if it did make it to the GBA generation - with Mario and Luigi at the helm, here you go.

Pixel artist 'huttaburger' is back with another stunning reimagining. This time it's the Super Mario Land series and what it might have looked like if it had made it to Nintendo's 32-bit handheld generation:

The same artist has previously reimagined games like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine as Game Boy Advance-style titles. We must admit we're also getting vibes of 'Super Mario Flashback' - an unofficial fan-made Mario game for PC.

What do you think of the above reimagining? Would you have played something like this on the GBA? Comment below.