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Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has confirmed that a Direct presentation will take place this week on Wednesday, August 10th at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m ET / 2 p.m BST. It will focus on Splatoon 3, which is scheduled to launch on September 9th.

There will be roughly 30 minutes of new updates on the game, so get yourselves comfortable, folks!

Recently, it seemed some people were getting a tad worried as to the apparent lack of key information surrounding the upcoming launch of Splatoon 3. It seems, however, that this Direct announcement is testament that fans should remain patient; we know Nintendo will come through for us sooner rather than later!

As for us? We're hoping to see some more information on the game's single player element. We've gotten plenty of little nuggets focusing on new maps, weapons, and what not for multiplayer, but perhaps it's time to give us introverts something to chew on!

What are you hoping to see in this week's Nintendo Direct for Splatoon 3? Let us know!

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