Trick Or Trade Booster Bundle 169
Image: The Pokémon Company

An upcoming Booster Bundle has been spotted early in some American retailers for The Pokémon Trading Card Game. Spooky!

We say it's spooky because this Booster Bundle is Halloween-themed. PokéBeach has shared the findings after a reader sent photos of the packs and cards in. Aptly titled the Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle, the bundles have been found at retailers such as Kohl's and Kroger.

The BOOster Bundle, which is due to come out on 1st September, contains 40 mini-packs that each have three cards and are designed for trick-or-treating — we love sweets and candy, but getting Pokémon cards while dressed up as a witch sounds fun to us! There are 30 unique cards in the Bundle, though all of them are reprints with one pretty cute additional detail — a pumpkin Pikachu stamp in the corner of the image!

@bigorangetcg sent photos of a few of the cards to PokéBeach and shared a couple over on his Instagram page.

Luckily, because the bundle is so big, you won't have any problem collecting all 30 cards if you're a collector. The rarest two cards are Darkrai and Chandelure, and they appear either once or twice in the bundle — so it's more about which kid has the best costume on the night of the 31st October, then! You're also guaranteed one holo card in each bundle. We'd love to have seen a new card or two, but the theming is perfect, and we're already getting ready for the spooky season.

The BOOster Bundle will officially go on sale on 1st September at various retailers as well as the Pokémon Center. You can check out all of the photos of the bundle over on PokéBeach.

What do you think of the BOOster Bundle? Will you be seeking it out when it releases? Let us know in the comments!