Splatoon 3 Direct Nintendo Switch 16 10 Screenshot
Image: Nintendo

Here's something we didn't have on our Splatoon 3 bingo cards! In today's Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct, our Inklings and Octolings won't just be duking it out on the stages throughout Splatsville — they'll also have something to say at the table in Tableturf Battle.

This new minigame takes place in Splatsville's Tableturf Battle Dojo, and it's like a weird, wonderful mix of Tetris, trading cards, Columns — you name it! We'll be addicted to this for hours, no doubt.

These are 1-v-1 card battlers based on the series' well-known Turf Wars, just without all of that ink! There'll be 150 cards to collect which represent all of the various weapons you'll be able to pick up in Splatoon 3. And while they're inkless, the aim of the game is still the same — you need to take over the bigger percentage of the field to win.

You'll be gifted a starter deck when you first participate, with the rest of the cards collectable in-game — though details on how to do this are slim right now!

So far, we know we'll be able to challenge the residents of Splatsville, but we hope local multiplayer will also be available for this fun-looking mode!

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