Developer Rokaplay, the studio behind Spells and Secrets and Super Dungeon Maker, has revealed its rather colourful new project, Lou's Lagoon. This is a gorgeous-looking open-world game that combines the life sim genre with plane flying (yes, really) to bring us a huge, vibrant world. Better still, the game is being delivered to Switch in 2024.

In Lou's Lagoon, you're in charge of your uncle Lou's seaplane delivery service, which operates across a beautiful collection of islands. Your uncle has gone missing, so you're left to deliver the goods to the residents of these islands. But you're not just delivering mail to the animal inhabitants á la Disney's TaleSpin — you'll need to craft, make friends, and also live on the island. It's like Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Dodo Airlines has retired, and they no longer deliver the mail!

The developer cites both the Disney cartoon and My Time at Portia as inspirations for this beautiful paradise delivery game. We just kind of enjoy the idea of bringing people joy in the form of deliveries and presents, okay? Even if it's just mail.

Here's some more about the game, which is also coming to PC, from Rokaplay's press release:

About the game:

Launch from the sea and take to the skies! Lou’s Lagoon is a cosy open-world adventure where you make friends and uncover secrets across a gorgeous archipelago. Your uncle Lou left his seaplane delivery service in your hands, so now it’s up to you to keep the business afloat – and figure out what happened to Lou.

Collect, harvest, fish, craft and trade various goods, then deliver them safely to the individual islands in your trusty seaplane. Customise and strengthen your plane over time, overcoming storms, pirates, and magic in order to reach new islanders. Forge new connections and service your community. You might even fall in love…

Secrets lurk in the corners of every island. While completing deliveries, you’ll also unearth treasures and find clues about your wacky uncle Lou.

Game features:
1) Customise your character and style your seaside home!
2) Explore a lush archipelago brustling with secrets!
3) Make friends, enemies, and even meet a love interest among the islanders!
4) Upgrade your trusty seaplane to reach new locations!
5) Complete deliveries and bring the island back to life!
6) Customise the difficulty and play at your own pace!
7) Play with a controller or a mouse!

We've got a long time to wait until Lou's Lagoon lands on Switch, but good packages always take a bit of time, and we think this looks like it'll be worth the wait.

What do you think of Lou's Lagoon? Will you be keeping this on your flight radar? Let us know down below!