HHHHHHeeeeeeello there, lovely peeeeople. Kate, representing Alex from Nintendo Life, from Nintendo Life here. Splatoon 2 turned five years old this week, meaning that it's old enough to walk, talk, and drive a car, I think. Five years! Can you remember what you were doing five years ago? Playing Splatoon 2, we hope.

In the video above, which stars the lovely Alex, the lovely Felix, and the lovely guest-star Paul Donaldson, a friend of the channel and fan of the Splatoon, the lads discuss why it's absolutely about time for a new Splatoon. If we can have three Pokémon games in one year, we can have two Splatoonses in five years!

Give the video a watch if you want to hear three Splat-fans talk about the upcoming Splatoon 3 while they play a match of the inky territory-claiming shooter.

Tell us: Do you think five years is a good break between games? Should it be less, or more, if the game is an online shooter that requires other players to be actively involved with it to set up matches? Drop some ink in the comments!