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Update: Aaaand it looks like the position has been taken already, according to this message that pops up when you visit the careers page:

The Vacancy Has Been Filled
Image: The Pokémon Company

Sorry folks!

Okay, this must be a dream job for someone out there, right? The Pokémon Company International is looking for someone to help them create an ‘internal’ Archive and Museum, Vice reports.

This job is all about maintaining a digital archive and museum on the entire Pokémon brand. That’s everything from video games, merchandise, the Trading Card Game, all of the little ‘mons, the shows, and movies – there’s an endless amount of things in the Pokémon world, which makes it the perfect job for all of you Pokémon nerds out there.

The job will be situated in Bellevue, Washington, and requires a lot more than simply just being a big Pokémon fan. You’ll need to have a degree in Library Science, Archives Management, Information Management, or any related field of study to stand a good chance of getting in, along with between 3-4 years of professional experience in Archiving. Well, there goes our chances!

So, with thousands of resources to store away somewhere for The Pokemon Company, here’s the job description, along with the roles, responsibilities, and skills:

Get to know the role
Job Title: Archivist
Job Summary: This role will be contributing to the establishment and development of an internal TPCi Company Archive and Museum. This role will work with the TCG Product team’s Game Data Librarian to conduct large-scale inventories, write policy, process, catalog, preserve, and other duties that will establish and develop the company’s first internal archive from the ground up.

What you'll do
- Support the teams responsible for the construction of the internal physical repository with knowledge of archival standards and best practices.
- Assessment and selection of digital repositories and database software in conjunction with archival best practices and company needs.
- Establish policies, procedures, and descriptive metadata schema for use in the archives.
- Accession, appraisal, and processing of object and record collections in multiple formats and ensuring access to those archival holdings.
- Preservation and storage of archival holdings in repository.
- Support day-to-day work by providing reference services to internal employees and collaborate with other teams on special projects.
- Manage retention, lifecycle, and logistics of TCG samples.
- Assist with digitization of holdings and integration of archives database with other internal company tools.
- Maintain security and safety of physical and digital repositories

What you’ll bring
- Three (3) to four (4) years of related professional experience.
- Bachelors degree required.
- Experience in establishing and/or developing corporate or business archives.
- Experience in writing archives management policies such as collecting policies, mandates, retention schedules, and other process documentation for a corporate or business archive.
- Experience in conducting inventories/surveys, archival processing, and acquisitions in a business or corporate setting.
- Experience in vetting and establishing software for use in archival description and internal employee access/research.
- Database integration or linked data experience preferred.
- Understanding of TPCi games and brand. Knowledge of trading card games.
- Ability to work independently, handle multiple assignments, balance priorities and meet deadlines.
- Strong attention to detail.
- Great analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to improve functionality or best practices.
- Ability to plan and establish policies with long-term goals in mind.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science, Archives Management, Information Management, or related field of study, preferred.

How you’ll be successful
- Passion for Pokémon: Develops an understanding of the Pokémon brand, the impact it has on our people, culture, business, fans, and communities, and applying that knowledge and passion to everything you do.
- Challenging the Expected: Approaches challenges with curiosity and creativity, embracing the possibility of failure as an opportunity to learn something new, develop innovative ideas, solve complex problems and identify unique opportunities.
- Integrity and Respect: Demonstrates integrity and respect by leading with empathy, listening to others, seeking out different perspectives, and taking personal responsibility for decisions, actions, and results.
- Dedicated to Quality: Takes ownership to maintain and promote high standards, looks for new ways to learn and improve, and embraces a growth mindset to seek and apply feedback from others in an effort to continuously improve.
- Building Relationships: Develops and strengthens relationships, adopting a “team first” mentality and working collaboratively to solve problems and meet shared goals.
- Delighting Customers: Listens and understands the interests and needs of our customers and stakeholders, making them feel heard and important, and embracing these learnings to continue delivering a unique Pokémon experience.

If this job sounds like your cup of tea, and you’ve got what it takes to be the very best Pokemon archivist ever, then you can check out the application and apply right here. The proposed pay for the role is – wait for it – between $77,000 and $118,000.

While this all sounds like fun and games, the Pokémon franchise is expanding rapidly, with Pokémon Scarlet & Violet due out later this year. We have no idea how many new Pokémon will be entering the fray, or what new media, but there’s a lot of work ahead for this budding Archivist. Good luck!

Would you like to take on this job? Have you ever wanted to help archive for a video game company? Let us know in the comments!

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