Special Delivery Charizard
Image: The Pokémon Company

To celebrate the launch of the Pokémon Center in the UK, The Pokémon Company will be giving away a 'Special Delivery Charizard' Pokémon TCG promo card.

All you have to do is sign up with your name and details, and once you've received the code (within 12 weeks of entry), this card will be eligible with purchases totalling $20 USD or the regional equivalent. This offer is also open to residents located in the US and Canada.

This version of Charizard comes with 160HP and the moves 'Happy Delivery' and 'Flamethrower'. Here's a look:

Below are the fine print details, courtesy of the official website:

To request a code, please submit your first and last name, mailing address and email address. For eligibility purposes, mailing addresses must be located in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada (except Quebec).

Your information will be used only for this offer and will not be used for any other purpose, including future marketing.

Codes will be distributed to eligible entrants within 12 weeks of entry. Some entrants may receive their codes before or after other entrants. This is intentional and designed to give our shipping partners ample time to fulfill each request.

Each code is for one-time use only and will expire at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time Zone on December 31, 2022. Only one code per person. Codes are restricted by region, based on the mailing address you submit: US mailing address: code works only on PokemonCenter.com, UK mailing address: code works only on PokemonCenter.com/en-gb and Canada mailing address: code works only on PokemonCenter.com/en-ca

If you're looking for some more Pokémon fun, later this week Nintendo will be adding Pokémon Puzzle League to the N64 library on the Switch Online service.

What do you think of this special card? Leave a comment down below.

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