Live A Live Wild West
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Update [Thu 21st Jul, 2022 16:45 BST]: Reviews for this JRPG are now live, including our own. And, guess what? We really, really like this one. Live A Live deservedly earns its second life, it seems.

Original article [Wed 20th Jul, 2022 14:30 BST]: Square Enix's remake of 1994's Live A Live is out this Friday, and while many of us have spent (or will be spending) time with the demo, we've still got a few days to wait to get our hands on the full package.

Now, Famitsu has shared its impressions of the HD-2D remake of the Super Famicom classic. The publication has awarded Live A Live a very healthy 33/40 (thanks, Gematsu!). Breaking that down a bit more (Famitsu scores its reviews by having four reviewers each give the game a rating out of 10 which are then added together), three reviewers gave the game an 8/10, while one awarded the remake a 9/10.

Want to know how that compares with the original release? Well, Famitsu also reviewed the Super Famicom version back in 1994 and scored it 29/40.

We'll have our own review of Live A Live to share pretty soon, but we've got some very positive hands-on impressions from four of the game's chapters already.

Live A Live is a totally unique RPG which allows you to play through multiple different chapters, with each one starring a different character and set in a different generation. Many people who worked on the game have gone on to work on classics of the RPG genre, including director Takashi Tokata — who went on to co-direct a little game called Chrono Trigger — and composer Yoko Shimomura — who has written music for Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario RPG, Mario & Luigi, and tons more.

What do you think of this score? Will you be picking up Live A Live when it releases this Friday? Let us know in the comments!

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